"Christmas Around the World"

On Monday Jeffery Elementary students “Traveled Around the World” learning about Christmas traditions in different countries. This was our 1st semester AR whole school party. The staff was very excited to plan this experience for our students. Students made a suitcase, that they used to travel to each country. As they learned and experienced each country, they made different crafts and participated in traditional activities found in that country. When they packed up to move to the next country, they received a passport stamp showing all the places they had traveled. Here is a short recap what happened at each stop along the journey! 


A story was read about how kids celebrate St. Lucia on December 13th. Then the girls made crowns with candles and the boys made Starboy hats. They finished with eating Swedish pancakes.


A video was watched explaining the unique “13 Yule Lads” that arrive in December to cause trouble and bring gifts. In Iceland it is traditional to receive a book and enjoy hot chocolate on December 24th. Shoes are left out, and either a gift or a potato is placed in the shoe reflecting behaviors! Students enjoyed hot chocolate, a new book that was placed in their shoes, and made a penguin ornament.


The story Twas the Night before Christmas was read,  students played two Christmas games and then decorated sugar cookies.


Students learned about Las Posadas and the 9 days of Christmas. They made a paper piñata which are traditionally at Christmas’s in Mexico. When they finished, they celebrated Las Posadas by breaking our own piñatas.


Students learned about some German traditions like Father Christmas, Christkind, and gingerbread cookies/houses. They then worked together to make gingerbread houses out of cardboard.