Breakfast & Lunch

Osceola Public Schools has been approved through the CARES Act to be able to provide breakfast and lunch for all enrolled students K-12 at no cost to families.  Any money that students have in their personal or family lunch accounts will remain there until the program runs out, then students and families will start having to pay for meals again. 

The CARES Act only covers the breakfast and lunch meals, all additional items outside of the standard meal will be charged to the student’s account.  If a student brings their own lunch, we are required under the program to charge for any milk, juice, or other item they request.

For families that are still wanting to support the Osceola Public Schools lunch program, we ask that you donate the money that you would have paid for school meals to our Beef program to provide our students with locally grown beef.  Any donations need to be in the form of a check to Osceola Public Schools lunch program and are tax deductible.  This would be a great opportunity to continue providing our students with quality meat and higher quality cuts of beef at lunch.  Any and all support for the lunch program is greatly appreciated and goes directly to providing the best food that we can offer our students.

The CARES Act does not apply to any staff or adult meals.  We are excited about the opportunity to provide free meals for our students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Superintendent’s office at 402-747-3121.