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Acting Honorees from Loup City Invite.

2014 One Act: The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza

   The 2014 One Act season kicked off with auditions, casting, and their first meeting in mid-September.  Fifty students in grades 9-12 responded to the call, and all are excited to get the show on the road.  The play is called “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza” and is a farce, presenting several myths, including the stories of Pandora, the Trojan Horse, and Jason and the golden Fleece.       Audience members can expect to see familiar actors from last year, including Lori Peterson , Miranda Rathjen , and Levi Klein .  But Cy Cannon, Caleb Green, Kenady Kuhnel , and . . . read more

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Graphic Art

Quotes with Images

Using all the skills that they have learned in Photoshop so far, the students were asked to find a quote, poem, or verse from a song and illustrate the meaning of it through pictures.  How well did they do? read more

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General Math Creates a Burger Menu

Recently the General Math class was given the task of putting together a burger menu, complete with detailed descriptions of their concoctions.  The ultimate objective was to learn how to determine the cost of producing a burger, and how the choice of toppings affect that cost.  As students created their menu, traditional toppings went to the wayside, in favor of innovative ideas like peanut butter, jelly, hash browns, eggs, and even mashed potatoes. Students first created a menu using Google Docs, then used it to make a . . . read more

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