Osceola Bulldogs

We wanted to update everyone on restrictions for Winter Activities, but we wanted to wait as long as we could so those guidelines did not change on us to reduce confusion.  For Osceola Winter Activities, based on the Directed Health Measure (DHM) put out by Governor Ricketts and the guidelines put out by the NSAA, the following procedures are going to be followed at activities hosted by Osceola Public Schools.

  • Seating Capacity for indoor activities is at 25%.
    • North Gymnasium is allowed to seat 250 people (150 home fans, 100 visiting fans).
    • South Gymnasium at the High School is allowed to seat 150 people (75 home fans, 75 visiting fans).
  • Only household members of student participants and coaches may attend events
    • This includes parents, step-parents, siblings, or anyone else in the household.
    • We will distribute Green passes for household adults.  You will not be allowed to enter without having that pass with you.
    • For the Wrestling meet on December 12th we will only be able to allow 1 parent per participant due to the large number of participants.
  • Entrances
    • North Gym - Home fans enter through South Doors and sit in the South bleachers, Visiting Fans enter through West Doors and sit in the North bleachers.
    • South Gym - Fans will enter through the Activities Entrance.
  • Concessions
    • At this time, there will be NO concessions stand for games.  This may be something that we readdress at a later time.
  • Striv - We will do our best to Striv as many events as possible for the parents, grandparents, and community members that cannot attend.

We understand that this is tough on everyone to not be able to do business as usual, but we do appreciate your continued support of Osceola Public Schools and our students' activities.  Unfortunately, we cannot change the facts or restrictions placed upon us by the pandemic and DHM, but we will do what we need to do in order to keep everyone connected.  Continue to reach out to the school with feedback on making the experiences that you have at our events, both on-campus and from home, the best that they can be.

Again, a huge thank you to our boosters, patrons, and followers.