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This Week in Mr. Wayman's Room

Week #1-2


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    Welcome to my personal web page, here I hope to page weekly or biweekly updates on events happening in my classes or my activities I am in charge of. My goal is to keep students, parents, and community members up to date and informed on what is happening in my classroom and hopefully to help you answer what students did at school today/this week (we all know kids are so open to telling us what they learned). 

    To begin the 6th grade Geography class is beginning to learn the basics of what is geography, why it is important to our lives, and how we can use it to make better decisions for our world. Students learned basic compass directions on a map and in town, maybe quiz them if they can remember where North is in you house or a business. We are also beginning to learn about the 5 themes of geography, location, place, region, movement, and human/environment interactions. We are learning specific terms and concepts in each theme and will continue to apply the themes throughout our year long class. The students have a great background knowledge already and have impressed me with their ability to catch on quick to knew information. Our next plan is to begin focusing on the geography of the United States and we will start with the physical characteristics then move towards the climates, vegetational, and human characteristics as well.

    In 7th grade Ancient History we are learning what history is and all the different aspect of being a historian. First we learned about all the different field related to history, from archeologists, to paleontologists, to a researcher or author and many, many more. Next we began to learn how historians work, such as how they divide periods of time, how they date events, how they analyze the flow of events in relation to one another, and what the difference is between a fossil and an artifact. We will soon begin learning abut the first civilizations, where they started, why their, and why those civilizations were the "first civilization".

    For 8th Grade Early American History the class first learned about the five themes of geography so we can apply them to the landscapes and regions of the United States. The five themes include; location, place, region, movement, and human/environment interaction. The students are currently creating their own maps of the U.S. regions and landscapes and begin to understand what those landscapes are like. We will be breaking down each landscape, analyzing images, what life their would be like, and some challenges the people might face there. Soon, students will learn about how the first native Americans migrated into the America's and began settling into what is now the United States and progress from there.

    For both 6th and 7th reading class, students have officially received their AR goal for the quarter, that is a certain number of points they must read (each book at school is a certain # of pts.) each quarter to not only improve their reading skills and comprehension but to qualify for the quarterly party in MS family. Students have also read and began to analyze and summarize their first stories, be sure to ask them to explain what story they are reading about in class, this will greatly help in their comprehension and analysis. Students will soon begin to read a combination of long and short stories to challenge their reading skills and analysis and to in the end make them all greater readers than when they started. 

    Finally, in Careers class, which is a class designed to give students the tools they need in order to be successful after high school and begin their journey into their careers. This class is not going to focus as much on students choosing what career they want to pursue, but more of teaching them the tools and skills needed to succeed through what ever career they choose. One example of this is called mindset and behavior standards, these were created by the American School Counselors Association and are specific standards to begin to follow and work on for students to better prepare themselves for success in schooling now and life after school, whether it be college or high school. Students have been journaling about one mindset standard they want to focus on and improve on this week in the various activities and situations they are involved in. Students also have been writing short term and long term goals that we will be analyzing each week and updating each quarter. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach me by email and I will do my best at responding in a timely manner. Thank you so much for allowing me to make an influence on your child and I will do my best to give them tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed in school and life beyond. 




Mr. Zack Wayman

This Week in Mr. Wayman's Room

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