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We Strive to Exhibit at Osceola!! ----- Integrity – Loyalty – Compassion – Understanding

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Speech is to power; speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.



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Speech Team Results 2016

December 16, 2015

D1 State Speech Results @ University of Nebraska-Kearney

Team-- 4th Place

Cy Cannon-- State Champion --Persuasive

Cy Cannon-- State Champion-- Informative

Derek Voigt-- 3rd Place --Extemporaneious

Romeo to Go (Miranda, Luke, Levi, Brad)-- OID-- 5th Place

Ethan Yungdahl-- 7th Place-- Entertainment

Derek Voigt-- 7th Place-- Persuasive


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D1-2 District Results @ Bancroft

March 16, 2016

Team--3rd Place

**Derek Voigt--CHAMPION -- Persuasive

**Cy Cannon--CHAMPION -- Informative

**Derek Voigt-- CHAMPION-- Extemp

**Ethan Yungdahl--CHAMPION -- Entertainment

**Cy Cannon--3rd --Persuasive

**Romeo to Go (Miranda Rathjen, Luke Ericson, Levi Klien, Brad DeMers)-- 3rd-- OID

Christian Schleif-- 4th-- Extemp

Karlee Pinney-- 5th-- Poetry

Superior Rating-- Ben Lorhman, Mollie Rathjen, Sydney Sterup, Wynn Cannon, Miranda Rathjen, Levi Klien/Tristin Johnston, Megan Johnson/Madison Kropatsch, Oranges OID (Christian Schleif, Ethan Yungdahl, Madison Kroptasch, Cassie Caraway, Tristin Johnston)

**Denotes State Qualifiers


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Homer Results--

March 11th, 2016


Ethan Yungdahl--1st -- Entertainment

Derek Voigt--1st--Extemp

Christian Schleif--3rd--Extemp

Cy Cannon--2nd--Extemp

Cy Cannon-- 1st-- Informative

Sydney Sterup-- 6th--Poetry

Karlee Pinney-- 4th--Poetry

Cassie Caraway--6th--Serious

Ben Lorhman--4th--Serious

Cy Cannon--1st -- Persuasive

Derek Voigt--2nd -- Persuasive

Oranges (Madison, Christian, Ethan, Levi, Cassie) -- 6th -- OID

Superior Ratings-- Ben Lorhman, Lela Blackburn, Wynn Cannon, Cassie Caraway, Megan/Madison


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Centura--February 27, 2016



Cy Cannon--Informative--1st
Ben Lorhman--Informative--4th

Miranda Rathjen--Humorous--2nd
Wynn Cannon--Humorous--Top Novice

Mollie Rathjen--Entertainment--6th
Ethan Yungdahl--Entertainment--4th

Romeo to Go--OID--3rdl


Derek Voigt--Persuasive--2nd
Cy Cannon--Persuasive--1st

Christian Schleif--Extemp--6th
Derek Voigt--Extemp--3rd
Cy Cannon--Extemp--1st

Ben Lorhman--Serious Prose--Top Novice

Superior Ratings--Sydney Sterup, Lela Blackburn, Ben Lorhman, Cassie Caraway, Wynn Cannon, Megan/Madison, Love of 3 Oranges OID


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Crossroads Conference

February 24, 2016


Team CHAMPIONS with 324 points (62 points ahead of runner up Cross County)


Cy Cannon--Informative--1st Place
Cy Cannon-- Persuasive--1st Place

Tristin/Levi--Duet--1st Place

Derek Voigt--Extemporaneous--1st Place

Christian Schleif--Extemporaneous--2nd Place

Miranda Rathjen--Humorous--2nd Place

Romeo(Miranda, Luke, Levi, Brad)--OID--3rd

Ben Lorhman--Serious--4th Place

Ethan Yungdahl--Entertainment--4th Place

Derek Voigt--Persuasive--5th Place
Wynn Cannon--Humorous--5th Place


Superior ratings-- Cassie Caraway, Mollie Rathjen, Karlee Pinney, Ben Lorhman, Oranges OID, Hut Hut Duet


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Humphrey Results-- February 13, 2016

Team--4th Place

Class D--2nd Place

Karlee Pinney--8th place--Poetry

Ethan Yungdahl--5th--Entertainment

Cy Cannon-- 1st--Persuasive

Cy Cannon--1st--Informative

Cy cannon--1st--Extemporaneous

Derek Voigt--2nd--Persuasive

Derek Voigt--5th--Extemporaneous

Christian Schleif--7th--Extemporaneous

Superior Ratings--Mollie Rathjen, Sydney Sterup, Miranda Rathjen, Klein/Johnston, Romeo To Go, Slow Songs Make Me Puke, Love of 3 Oranges


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Aurora Results-- February 6, 2016


Team--5th of 28 total teams

Class D--1st Place

Cy Cannon-- 1st--Persuasive

Cy Cannon--2nd --Extemporaneous

Cy Cannon--9th -- Informative

Derek Voigt-- 3rd--Extemporaneous

Karlee Pinney--5th --Poetry

Ethan Yungdahl-- 9th-- Entertainment

Miranda Rathjen-- 9th--Humorous Prose


Team--6th of 28 Total Teams

Class D--2nd Place

Mollie Rathjen-- 4th--Entertainment

Ben Lorhman-- 1st-- Serious Prose

Cassie Caraway--7th --Serious Prose

Spale, Johnson, Rathjen, Cannon & Zelasney-- 9th --OID

Superiors-- Klien/Johnston, Romeo to Go, Derek Voigt, Ben Lorhman, Wynn Cannon, Megan Johnson

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Osceola Results--January 30, 2016

Cy Cannon--1st place--Informative; Derek Voigt--2nd Place--Extemporaneous; Cy Cannon--1st Place--Persuasive

Superior Ratings--Ethan Yungdahl, Mollie Rathjen, Christian Schleif, Sydney Sterup, Karlee Pinney, Grace Zelasney, Lela Blackburn, Wynn Cannon, Miranda Rathjen, Cassie Caraway, Levi/Tristin, Romeo to Go OID, and For the Love of Three Oranges OID.

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Columbus Scotus Results--January 23, 2016

Team--4th Place

Cy Cannon--1st Place--Informative; Derek Voigt--1st Place--Extemporaneous; Christian Schleif--3rd Place--Extemporaneous; Cy Cannon-- 1st Place--Persuasive; Derek Voigt--4th Place--Persuasive

Superior Rating--Sydney Sterup

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The 2016 Speech team began its official season on Monday December 14th with its first team meeting! This year the team is 24 students strong, including seven returning seniors and two returning state qualifiers. Mrs. Mentink is excited to have a strong varsity and JV team this season! Check back to this page for results and updates throughout the season!

2016 Speech Schedule

Sat   1/23 Scotus

Sat.  1/30 OHS

Wed.  2/3 Riverside

Sat.   2/6 Aurora

Sat.   2/13 Humphrey

Wed.  2/24 CRC Conference @ Meridian

Sat.   2/27 Centura

Tue.   3/8 Speech Magic @ 6 PM

Wed. 3/16 Districts @ Bancroft-Rosalie

Thur. 3/24 State Speech @ UNK


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