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Hammer the Grammar! ~ John Baylor

John Baylor Test Prep

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JBTP: John Baylor Test Prep....Making a Difference

Osceola Public Schools has been offering the John Baylor Test Prep since the fall of 2008. The first year, 27 students took the prep over the fall and winter sessions. The past school year, 11 students took the JBTP and 4 finished all the sessions.

THIS YEAR, with the one-to-one computers, students may come into the school and take the 12 JBTP sessions by signing up at JBTP Sign Up.  Students may come in at their convenience before school, after school, or any time during the day (lunch, STAR). Sign in to the website at John Baylor Test Prep with the user: jchristensen@osceola.esu7.org and the password: bulldog. Students may login anywhere on the school campus but this login will not work off campus.

Using the Seniors of 2013 ACT results who took at least a portion of JBTP the following results have occurred:

Two students raised their scores         4 Points                    

One student raised his/her score         3 Points

Two students raised their scores         2 Point

One student stayed the same               0 Points

One student only took the ACT once so no results are available.

 Seniors of 2016 and the A.C.T.:               13 took the A.C.T.

Seniors of 2015:                                         10 took the A.C.T.

Seniors of 2016:                                         13 took the A.C.T.

Seniors of 2017:                                         13 have taken the A.C.T.

The prep subscription is not limited to Dr. C's scheduled prep sessions, JBTP has classroom sessions that can boost learning in the classroom as well in the form of the 40 sessions or short 12 minute reviews of English, Reading, Math, and Science. These tools have been shared with the teachers at Osceola.

John Baylor assures his clients that results sometimes occur in the second or third attempt of taking JBTP and the ACT. This is what we are seeing in some of our students. And upon the students’ own admittance, many times the effort they place in the course has great bearing on the end results.


2017-2018 Updates

       John Baylor Test Prep has changed its name to OnToCollege.  All high school students have been enrolled in the ACT Test Prep course through our school.  Accessing this is simple.  Go to OnToCollege.com and the login is the student's school email.  The password is Bulldogs and the students graduation year.  So, for a junior, it would be Bulldogs19.  This is a valuable test prep resource for the ACT.  If there are other courses for test prep you would like to utilize, see Dr. C. and she will get you enrolled or information on how to access the course.

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