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We Strive to Exhibit at Osceola!! ----- Integrity – Loyalty – Compassion – Understanding

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Congrats to the cast and crew of "The Mystery of Eidolon" on a great season!

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Upcoming Holiday Tunes

The high school and middle school will hold a holiday concert on December 18 at 7:00 P.M. The high school and middle school band will be performing along with the high school and middle school choir. Each group will be performing three pieces. Some selections that will be played are “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Deck the Halls,” and other holiday favorites. Come out and hear some of your favorite Christmas songs!

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Stock Market Challenge Results

   Osceola Public Schools sent a team of four students to the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge on November 14 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The students that represented Osceola were Caden Theis, Garrett Fisher, Curtis Hasenkamp, and Tanner Kropatsch . They competed against forty-nine teams from different schools across the state.  There were simulated days, with each day lasting only ninety seconds. Each day represented one round, and the competition lasted sixty days. The starting investment for each team was a million dollars with twenty-six different companies to choose from. For each day, they could decide if . . .

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From OHS to SCC

   This past month Kylee Bockman-Christensen signed with Southeast Community College to play softball. She has always dreamed of playing for a college level team. Kylee plays mainly centerfield and sometimes second base. She enjoys winning the most, but the bond she builds with her teammates is equally enjoyable. She also likes learning new plays in practice and seeing them actually work in a game. Kylee wants to start off at this two-year college then transfer to a university. She plans on continuing her studies to become an athletic trainer after this transition. She would prefer to continue playing softball for . . .

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New Books

   The Osceola PAC, Parent Advisory Committee, donated $750 to purchase new books for the Osceola Jeffrey Elementary School Library. These funds helped the school to purchase over 75 new Accelerated Reader library books. We greatly appreciate PAC’s commitment and dedication to improving Osceola students’ learning experiences. Students are pictured holding just a few of the books we received.

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Fun with Physics

   Mr. Frenzen’s eighth-period Physics class reproduced an experiment to find the height of the grandstands by timing how long an object would take to fall from the railing to the ground. The objects used were a golf ball, tennis ball, rubber ball, and a wooden block. Students performed five total trials, dropping each object individually and recording time in a table to keep everything organized. One thing students had to note was that the experiment wasn’t going to be completely accurate for a couple of reasons. It would not be completely accurate because of the amount of human error caused by manually timing . . .

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New e-Funds Mobile App

The new e-Funds mobile app for your phone lets you make payments for school related expenses while on the go.  The same features of the old website are available, but now it is easier make a payment from your phone anywhere you have service.  A quick reference guide is below or click here for the manual.  

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PowerSchool Mobile App

Now that the new grade book system is up and running, Mr. Rinehart would like everyone to know about the PowerSchool Mobile App. Available on both Android and iOS, the PowerSchool Mobile App allows both parents and students to have real-time access to grades and school reports. Another fun feature of PowerSchool Mobile is that you can receive push notifications on any important grade or absence updates. Check out the PowerSchool Mobile App today!   Click on this link to watch a quick tutorial about it.

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Osceola MS/HS Handbook

for 2017-2018

Another Osceola School Year is under way.  Make sure you are knowledgeable about expectations of the district.  Click here  for a link to the 2017-18 Middle School/High School Handbook.

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Current Highlights

Changes to FAFSA

From https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/fafsa-changes

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Board of Education Meeting Agendas

E-meeting link to Board of Education Information


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