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Fun with Physics

December 04, 2017

   Mr. Frenzen’s eighth-period Physics class reproduced an experiment to find the height of the grandstands by timing how long an object would take to fall from the railing to the ground. The objects used were a golf ball, tennis ball, rubber ball, and a wooden block. Students performed five total trials, dropping each object individually and recording time in a table to keep everything organized. One thing students had to note was that the experiment wasn’t going to be completely accurate for a couple of reasons. It would not be completely accurate because of the amount of human error caused by manually timing everything and the factor of air resistance. Despite those reasons, students still were able to gain fairly accurate calculations.

   Students were also experimenting with projectile motion and its properties. Students used pennies to evaluate the physics involved by dropping two objects of identical size and mass at the same time. In theory, if you collided one penny with another stationary penny, both objects will hit the ground at the same time if no outside force is exerted.

   After experimenting with projectile motion, the physics classed evaluated their results. The purpose of the experiment was to measure the velocity of a projectile. Students used a football as the projectile and calculated its velocity. One student stood on the stage and threw a football toward the other students on the ground. A projectile accelerates downward due to gravity. When you add a force pushing the object, the object will go a farther distance. The path the projectile takes is an arc. Measuring time and distance, students were then able to calculate the velocity of the football.




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