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New Changes Coming to Osceola's Lunch Menu

  The 2017-2018 school year is going to bring some new and exciting items to the lunch menu. Starting in September, Osceola Public Schools will begin its "Beef in School" program. Each Thursday the school' lunch program will incorporate beef that has been donated or purchased from local farmers into its menu. Osceola Public Schools would like to thank Grant and Daisy Naber for donating the first quarter beef to this program. Many people have come forward and asked to be a part of this new and exciting program, and the school is very thankful. The school would also like to thank Pat and Brenda Glunz for their donation of an upright freezer in memory of her late father who was an educator for thirty-five years. If you would like to donate beef to the Bulldog Beef Boosters, please contact Dale Maynard at the High School. Cash donations will also be accepted through the Osceola School Foundations 501c.

  For another fun change to the menu, Osceola will have Valentino's Pizza delivered to the school on the last Wednesday of every month. During September, the pizza will be pepperoni, and then in October, it will be beef and will alternate each month. The Valentino's pizza will meet the required guidelines set by the FDA. It is another exciting change for students and staff here at Osceola

  Lastly, the administration, students, and staff want to thank the kitchen staff. They have made a lot of new changes to the menu this year, and we are excited to see them take on this new adventure. If you see Linda, Julia, Gail, or Vicki out and about Osceola, tell them thank you for all of their hard work and dedication to feeding your children lunch and/or breakfast at school. 

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