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High School


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Prom Reflections

   Prom '17 had OHS students entering "Posieden's Paradise."  A large sailing ship greeted revelers as they walked through the sea of balloons.  For details of this year's prom, several students were asked to write their favorite part of Prom.  Here are their words and pictures:


Brittany Merry 

Prom was overall a great day with pictures, food, and having fun with friends. One of the best part about prom for me what getting all dressed up. I love wearing fancy things especially this big blue dress I wore this year. I took pictures first at my house, then went to Caden Theis’s house, Madison Kropatsch’s house and then the country club. I loved seeing everyone’s dresses and seeing all of the guys looking handsome in their tuxes.  

Another thing that was a great time was post prom. There was an all-you-can-eat breakfast bar, which was jaw-dropping. We then were lead into the gym to a bunch of tables that had minute-to-win-it games on each of them. After the games, a hypnotist arrived and hypnotized a bunch of us, including me. It was a great and weird experience. Prom came and went in just an instant. I created many memories that night with smiles, great food, and dancing the night away.

Megan Johnson  

My favorite part of prom would probably be post prom when I was hypnotized. Some people who were hypnotized say they don’t remember much of it but I however remember the majority of it. I don’t remember when I fell asleep but I have been told that I fell asleep right away. I remember the rest in sort of a dreamlike way. Being hypnotized kind of made me nervous when I first when up there, but after getting hypnotized you feel your whole body relax. The hypnotist said that getting hypnotized can make you feel like you’ve just had a full night’s rest. I did feel wide awake after getting hypnotized, but I still felt a little out of it. Overall I thought it was a great night, from all the pictures, dance, and post prom.

   Kamryn Hahn

My favorite part of prom was post prom. At post prom, we got fed breakfast and played a lot of games. Some of the games were stack attack, which was when you had to stack 36 cups with 8 cups on the bottom, the 7 on the next row and so on. After yougot to the last cup on the very top you had to collapse the pyramid and put all the cups in a stack in 1 minute. The next game was when you had to stack 10 nuts on top of each other on a cutting board with a stick all under 1 minute. This is not aseasy as it seems...especially towards the end of the minute because your partner starts to get shaky. There were 15 games total and you had 1 hour to complete as many as you could. Then they called the finalists and if you qualified you got $5, if you were the top 3 in the next round you got $10 and so on.

 The hypnotist was by far the highlight of post prom but I’ll let Corbin sum that up.

Corbin Zelasney

 At the Osceola prom, there was a hypnotist who put a bunch of Osceola students under. There was a total of thirteen people who went under. Out of all the students that went under, Calvin and Tanner were the funniest to watch. Half way through the show the hypnotist showed the audience what the power of hypnotism can do. He had Calvin bend a key in one hand. He also had some of the students who went under to pick out some people from the crowd, because he made them see some of the audience members as celebrities. At the end of the show he made the students who went under unable to come off the tarp, unless they were given a penny. That was the power of hypnotism.


Tanner Kropatsch

 One of the best part of prom, for me, was the dance, and maybe that is because I don’t remember post prom that much because I was hypnotized.  The dance had a great DJ that would listen to our requests and keep the music going.  He also separated the slow songs from the fast ones pretty good.  He played old songs, new, and the in between.  From electro-pop, to old country, he kept everyone happy.  

  We did many line dances like the "Cupid Shuffle" and the "Wobble."  We also swing-danced and did the "Cotton Eye Joe" dance.  Some slow songs were put in the mix which gave everyone to enjoy themselves with their dates.  The classic dance songs were mixed with the newer ones and made it really fun.  

Kylie Merry

My favorite part of prom would probably be the hypnotist.  I enjoyed the hypnotist the most because it was fun to watch people do things they couldn’t control.  I thought the hypnotist did a very good job and I hope we can have a hypnotist next year as well.   I also enjoyed the games at post prom because I had fun competing with other students.  

Madison Kropatsch

My favorite part of prom is getting to dress up and take pictures. I love getting my hair and nails done. This year, I also had a lot of fun going to different locations and taking pictures. My favorite place we took pictures at was the golf course.

James Snipes

All together prom went pretty good. Everything and everyone involved is what made Prom for me special. The thing I like the most is, is when i was escorting my date. Mr. Ekart made sure to tell everyone that I am a Phillies fan. That was my favorite part of prom because we have this friendly feud going on. Like last year when he had to wear my Braves jersey. Now it’s my turn to get him back.

Grace Zelasney

My favorite part about Prom was the dance. The DJ played a lot of good songs that kept you on your feet having a good time. The line dances were a big hit that got most of the people on the dance floor. My favorite line dance was to the song Footloose.

There was a delicious food table that had a chocolate fountain to dip strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, and pretzels in. If people weren’t dancing you could always find them at the food table. 2017 Prom was definitely a night to remember!

Prom Queen Shayla Wieseman

    I like everything about prom: getting my hair done, wearing my dress and heels, and dancing. I always look forward to getting all dressed up for the day. I always take the whole morning of prom to get to go get my hair done and do my makeup before it is time to head up for pictures, dinner, and the Grand March.


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