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Clarification of Dress Code Guidelines

   As clothing styles change and students begin to wear different types of clothing, the

dress code standard set for the instructional environment at OHS is currently not

being met by all of our students. The dress code is intended to make sure that any

clothing that distracts from the learning environment is not to be worn.

   Why is this being brought up now? First let me say that this is not a new rule, by any

means. It is not the standard that has changed, but the styles, and it has gotten to the

point where it needed to be addressed. The issue schools always have with rules

like this one is who is going to decide what is appropriate and what is not? As a

staff, and as a school district, we believe there are specific garments of clothing that

are not appropriate for school such as spaghetti straps and pajama pants. Another

style of clothing that has become a concern this year is the leggings that our young

ladies are wearing strictly as pants. There are students who wear spaghetti straps

but they also must wear the appropriate piece of clothing to cover up the bare skin

in order to meet the dress code. The same standard needs to be used with leggings,

as they are included in the dress code as items of dress which are too tight and draw

attention to one's self.

   I have personally met with all the students and explained our concerns as well as

given them opportunities to ask questions. I also wanted to make sure they

understood we are not saying that they cannot wear leggings. They can. We only

ask that when they do to cover up the areas of their body in which the clothing being

so tight draws attention to ones self.

   As always, we appreciate your support in helping maintain an environment that has

the highest level of standards for teaching and learning.

   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me directly at 402 747-3121.

Mr. Maynard

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